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 Welcome at Elmer Daycare

Elmer provides occasional care for children between 3 months and 3 years old. We are there for parents following a course  or facing an emergency situation.

Elmer is flexible in providing child care. Elmer provides occasional, short-term, irregular, part-time, full-time or emergency day care, depending on the reason for the day care. Parents who follow a vocational training programme, that are registered as a job seeker with the PWA service, who want to find a job or did suddenly find a job can come to us. If you are having medical problems or difficult familial problems you may always come and knock on our door. The head carer will consider the request to admit a child. In case of an emergency and if it is in the interest of the child, an immediate solution will be sought. In any other cases the child will be admitted if there are free places in the day care. Elmerdoes not work with a waiting list. If Elmer is not able to help you, we will recommend you other day care centres.

Elmer finds it important that children grow up as happy self-conscious people. Children are supported in their development. Parents are always welcome to chat. Activities for the parents are organized on a regular basis.

Elmer is a neighbourhood service for childcare. Elmer is part of the social network in our area. As neighbourhood service Elmer works with employees that are recruited from a group of people that stand close to the same environment as the parents, so we can offer them a secure place, with confidence and flexibility, that is easily and direct accessible. Elmer also offers the possibility to our assistant caretakers to graduate as full skilled caretakers. The course they need to follow is based on an alternating system, meaning working and studying at the same time. At the end the caretakers will hold a diploma that is recognized by 'Kind en Gezin'.

Elmer supports breastfeeding. The mothers can get a quiet place to breastfeed. We can also come to agreements about the times of feeding and how and when we can contact the mothers in order to feed their child.

At Elmer day care centre we speak Dutch. It is important that this should be a conscious choice. Children become confused if they have to cope with too many different languages. Elmer prepares the children for entry into kindergarten where Dutch is spoken. As a parent, it is important that you offer support to your child in this matter.

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House rules for parents


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